Pole sport. What is this?

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  • Published: Sunday, 16 June 2019 07:00
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pole dance sportWhen I say “pole dance”, most people think about go-go club or striptease. But the pole dance (or wider — pole sport) are not the same. Of course, dancers from go-go clubs need to have strength, flexibility and skills but it is not the same.

Pole sport is some kind of acrobatics but uses vertical, not horizontal bar. This kind of sport require a big strong, power, coordination, endurance and flexibility. In my opinion is very close to calisthenics — both are body weight exercises and uses pull-ups to provide resistance against gravity. Yep, some pole dancers look likes they don’t care about gravity, but they are only very strong. P
ole dance is one of kinds of pole sport. In this discipline people use purposefully selected sequences of their movements in rhythm of music. Pole dancer must be strong people and need a lot of flexibility, coordination and sense of rhythm. Pole dance is very spectacular.
Who can train pole sport? Everyone, really. A lot of people think they are too weak. But it is not a problem, pole sport is for that you can improve your strength and power.