Not only soccer. What kind of sports I watch on TV?

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  • Published: Tuesday, 04 June 2019 06:43
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sporton tvIn TV the most popular discipline is soccer, for me – unfortunately. I think there is a lot of more interesting, demanding and spectacular kinds of sport than soccer of football. And I prove that I’m not groundless – I made a list of these disciplines!

1. Volleyball
Volleyball is also a team sport but not so commercialised.
Figure skating2. Figure skating
I believe there is not many discipline which are so spectacular. And figure skating is also a demanding sport. People, who train it, must be strong, flexible and fast to make these awesome figures.
3. Curling
When I saw this discipline for the first time, I was thinking it’s a joke. But then I started watch it with increasing interest. Now I think curling is great and I watch every championship.
4. Ballroom dancing
dance sportMy sister still dance, now she is a trainer in Dance School. She infected me with her passion, I went with her for all of her championship. It was beautiful – pairs in colourful costumes, dancing around the floor. Amazing! I adore it still. Unfortunately, ballroom dancing is not so popular and there is a little channels, which transmitted championships.